Welcome to Myrtle Beach Christian Church


Why choose Myrtle Beach Christian Church?

If what you believe isn't true would you want to know it? At MBCC we teach you what the Bible actually says, not what men believe or claim that the Bible says. We show you the way to salvation and eternal life through a relationship with Jesus Christ exactly as the Bible promises. We don't sugar coat the Bible and tell you what you want to hear. At MBCC we preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ in all it's power and love. We help you make sense out of this life by living according to the Word of God! We help prepare you to deal with life's struggles by learning to trust and rely on God. You don't have to go it alone in this world! Jesus stands ready to help you whenever you ask.

We don't believe a church is a place where you come primarily for a good time or to be entertained on Sunday morning. We come to church to worship God and hear His Word preached to help us grow to be more like Him. The worship service style at MBCC is blended, with the main emphasis on Biblical preaching. Our music at MBCC is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles to provide something that helps everyone worship God. We try to always remember that it's not about the music, it's about worshipping God! Worship is a time to escape the rat race and unwind in the arms of God. It's a time to leave our desires and interests behind. The one hour we give God on Sunday morning is not about us and our desires. This time is for worship of God, Bible study and fellowship. We have an early worship at 8:30 am, our main worship is 11 am and we have Sunday evening services at 7pm. Communion is served at all three Sunday services.

At MBCC we have Sunday morning Bible Study classes and worship services that are geared for all ages. MBCC has classes for Nursery through High School. We offer a Ladies class, Men's class, Young Adults, Old Testament, Young at Heart (50 plus), Andy Griffith Class for Singles 30(ish to 50(ish) and New Member’s classes every Sunday morning at 10 am. Everyone is welcome to try different classes and find a class and a teacher that they feel comfortable to openly discuss the different scriptures each week.

We like to focus on the basics at MBCC, like warm, genuine relationships with other Christians who hold the same beliefs. At MBCC we believe in good old fashioned family values. We have fun together. We share meals together. We watch out for each other. We take care of each others needs. We socialize often and in many enjoyable ways living our lives as Jesus would want us to. MBCC is a loving family of God's believers. For many who have come to know the Lord at MBCC, it's been the perfect place to grow.

We hope you will find this a place to call “home”. We invite you to visit us at 1226 Burcale Road, Myrtle Beach, SC  29579.  Please give us a call if you have questions or just want to call to say hello. (843) 236-1121


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